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"Teach Me" a new song with co-writer, Gretchen Meyer, aired

  on WMBD in early March to rave reviews.


100 Years 

New song, "100 years," aired on the local CBS affiliate this evening. Co-wrote with Gretchen Meyer. this song celebrated one hundred years of Easter Seals. My 17th year of writing, arranging and producing for Easter Seals.

Artist of the week 

Marita named Artist of the Week by WTVP (PBS Affiliate).

Song In Christmas Movie 

Yes, My song "Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa?" will be featured in the upcoming movie, Christmas Crashers. Still in pre-production.

Easter Seals Video 

2015 simple exploded with the arrival of a new Easter Seals Project. "Take Me As I Am" was written and produced by Marita. Uke tracks included.

LA Agent 

My LA Agent, Mark, just signed one of my new songs to his roster. In showbiz speak that means he will be pitching it to various markets. Keeping my fingers crossed.

God Save The Queen 

Brilliant! Just heard from my agent and he tells me my music will be playing in the UK store wide in McDonald's, Subway, Laura Ashley and DW Sports. 

I'm on Facebook 

Check out my new Facebook page:

Title of page is: Marita Brake: Singer Songwriter

You can friend me too or like the page.

I Love to hear from you. Some new pictures of me too.

WOS Airing Times 

Women of Substance radio will be airing, "Is It Too Late To Be Good, Santa?" Nov. 29th-Dec.2 on Wednesday 1-6 (CT) plus in the random mix throughout the holiday season. Also featuring two of my favorite performers on the Wed. shows, Nora Jones and Over The Rhine.

Vachel's Cup 

Marita's latest essay, "Vachel's Cup" is featured in The Illinois Times, Vol. 39 No.7

Check it out.

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