Crystal Blue Radio

Marita's music to be featured on Crystal Blue Radio, talk about Crystal Blue persuasion! Details soon! Stay tuned.


Daily Unsigned Review

Special thanks to Daily Unsigned for reviewing "Shaken Not Stirred" saying,

"cool sound and clever lyrics".

Also, thanks to Women of Substance Radio for airing "By The River".


"Invisible" on Youtube

Wow! I love what the film crew did with "Invisible" (written by myself and Gretchen Meyer). Gretchen is singing. Check out:

Invisible 2013 Easter Seals Central Illinois on Youtube.


Maui Matchmaker

I've had my music used in some fairly unique forums, but this is a first for me., a dating service is playing my song, St. Valentine, on their opening page. Beautiful visuals too. Check it out!


New On Youtube

Thanks to fan, randomstuff100 for posting "The Bonnie Prince of Why" from The Celtic Rose on youtube.

Plus, 3,000 hits for "Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa?"

2012 was a very good year.

2013, even better.


Best of 2012

Big thanks to Koop Kooper, host of Cocktail Nation (an internationally syndicated radio show) for choosing "Shaken Not Stirred" in the "best of 2012" releases. Thanks Koop!

Koop's show originates in Sydney, Australia.


Will It Play in the UK?

My agent in LA informs me that "Is It Too Late To Be Good Santa?" is playing in retail stores across the UK. Brilliant!


Instint Anceztors

No that is not a typo, I am deep in the new book I am writing, "Instint

Anceztors". It's a book for anyone who is Ancestor Impaired. Or perhaps, had ancestors a little on the boring side.  Complete with your

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Homegrown Tomatoes!

Always one of my favorite songs to sing, "Homegrown Tomatoes"

written by Guy Clark, is featured on a homegrown video made by two people growing tomatoes on the dashboard of their car!  Don't know these folks, but they are a

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Thanks to LA Radio Station INDIE104 and iRadioLA for selecting my song, "Shaken Not Stirred" as part of their playlist. It's in their rotation now, check it out.